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Dear Children,

Good morning! Since today is National Great Poetry Reading Day, in addition to our main  task, we will also be learning about how poetry can be written without words!! These tasks are simple enough where we should be completing them on our own. If you have questions, please reach out to Ms. Lo.

Grade 4 Online Music Lesson


Assigned Date: 04/28/2020 (National Great Poetry Reading Day)






Our Goal(s): 

  • Review and practice writing out rhythms that use sixteenth notes.

  • Hear a symphonic poem composed by Bedrich Smetana.

What We Need:

  • Chromebooks or iPad or any digital device 

  • Speakers

  • Our ears

  • Our fingers

  • Paper and pencil

Click to Start:


  • Hear It then Journal It:

    • Open your music journal Google form first.

    • Learn about the composer Bedrich Smetana and his symphonic poem with Ms. Lo

    • Listen to the symphonic poem written by Smetana, The Moldau.

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