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Music Classrooms in elementary are one of the most magical places in every child's life! When a teacher takes the time to design, arrange, and decorate with creativity and care, it can become where young hearts and minds discover the beauty and the joy of music. Do you remember the music classroom from your elementary school days? While Ms. Lo is not an interior designer, she does believe that the layout and design of the Music Room can either have a positive or negative impact on the learners. Just like any grade-level classroom, music classrooms also need storage places, a classroom rug with vibrant colors, a teacher's area, great air circulation, great lighting, piano, a cabinet full of auxiliary instruments and learning materials, Orff instruments, chairs reserved just for the ensemble, and most importantly, a spacious area for the students to move. 

Ms. Lo has the pleasure and luxury of teaching in air-conditioned music classrooms with most of these features. Let's take a peek at what Ms. Lo's music classrooms look like! Enjoy! 

Fairfax  Music Room

Bellflower Music Room

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