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Say Hello to Ms. Lo

If you have a question for Ms. Lo or you just wanted to say Hi, please fill out the form below along with a valid email address so I can make sure that you receive my reply.  Special Note: If you're currently enrolled in one of Ms. Lo's music classes, while she loves to hear from you,  she will not be replying to your email during the school year. Unless we are learning remotely, you should not be using this feature to contact Ms. Lo because you will see Ms. Lo in person at school. I'd be happy to say hi or answer your question in person. If you're a former student (which means when you are no longer a part of Ms. Lo's music programs and you don't see Ms. Lo in person for music classes anymore), please look at the Tips for Email Writing first before writing to Ms. Lo. When people can't see our faces, our word choice and our writing tone reflect who we are to our readers. I look forward to hearing from you and until next time, STAY MUSICAL and BE KIND!

Got a question or just wanted to say Hi?

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