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Tips for Writing a Respectful Email:

1. Set your email title with the biggest reason of why you're writing to Ms. Lo

For example, MSO Music Lesson Question_Grade 5, Music Lesson Question_with your grade level, or Hello...

Every teacher receives at least 200+ emails per day, it is important you title your email with these topical words so your teacher could find your email quickly. If you're a student of Mentor Public Schools, please state the name of your school. That way, Ms. Lo can also get in touch with your home school's music teacher about your question.

2. Start your letter by addressing the person who will be reading your email

3. Phrase and explain your question with finding a resolution in mind. 

For example, "I know I was supposed to complete an assessment in Quaver but the assessment wasn't available to me on the Student Dashboard. Could you please help me?"

4. ALWAYS end your letter with thankfulness and your name. People are taking the time to read your email and replying to you so please be considerate of others. 

BIG Question:

 "Why do I need to write politely and make sure the tone of my writing is pleasant?"


 "If your letter is pleasant, respectful, and nice, people are most likely to reply to you sooner and will most likely to help you solve the issues".

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