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Uke can get one, too!

Hello 5th Grade and Parents!

We're starting our adventure learning how to play a beautiful string instrument in fifth grade! If you're interested in purchasing one and using your ukulele at school, Ms. Lo would recommend purchasing ukuleles from these brands because they make quality instruments even at the entry level.

Please refrain from buying any ukuleles under $40 because chances are the tuning pegs won't stay in place, and the sound quality will not be great.

Brands: Kala, Kmise, and Kala Makala.

Size Requirement: Soprano ONLY.

Here are some Ukulele models to consider:

Kala Model Recommendation:

Kmise Model Recommendation:

Kala Makala Model Recommendation

***Please check if the ukulele you ordered comes with a secured case or padded bag, as they will help protect your ukulele from moisture and any potential accidents. If your ukulele doesn't come with a padded case, you can click on the link below to find a padded case/bag.

Required Case Size: Soprano

Ukulele bag/case models:

I hope this post is helpful to parents and children who would like to get a good and quality-sounding beginning-level ukulele!! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Until the next post, stay musical and be kind!


Ms. Lo



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