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Grade 5 Orchestra Online Practice 


Assigned Date: 05/19/2020







Our Goal(s): 

  • Focus your practice on only the songs from page 15 and 16.

  • Work on getting a smooth sound, knowing the notes and rhythm

  • Practice playing the songs with the recording

  • Take a look at what kind of music your instrument can also play ​besides classical music

What We Need:

  • Essential Elements Book

  • Instrument

  • Mobile device or laptop to play the practice sound tracks 

  • Speakers

  • Music stand (optional, as long as you can prop your music up to an angle where you can see while playing)

  • Our focused mind with a positive attitude

  • Our body


  1. Practice: Focus more on the melodies listed on page 15 and page 16 only. Be sure you know your notes and then practice playing along with the recording. Our practice will focus on page 15 and 16 only and if you finished practicing, you can review page 17 and 18 as well.

   2. Pick a song or two to share on Flip Grid for Ms. Lo to give you feedback. Click on the icon below to go to our Topic on Flip Grid.



If your instrument is out of tune or has been out of tune, please 1) get a pack of extra strings for your instrument (just in case if the 

strings pop), 2) watch the tuning video for your instrument with your parents, and 3) ask your parents help you tune your instruments by following the guidelines in the video. ***Please do not tune your instrument by yourself and before you watch the video with your parents.



  • **Caution

    • Unless a string on your instrument has popped, please don’t try to replace your strings.

    • These videos are meant to be viewed with your parents and the procedures are meant to be carried out by your parents only.

    • DO NOT take off all 4 strings at once. Please change the broken string only and one string at a time.

    • Bridge position (from the player’s view): TALL side on the LEFT (on the G-string for violin, on the C-string for viola, on the C-string for cello), SHORTER side on the RIGHT (on the E-string for violin, on the A-string for viola, on the A-string for cello)

Greetings Orchestra! 

This is our LAST practice of the year and please remember to sign up to join the Summer Orchestra Camp in Mentor!!


Ms. Lo wanted to thank you for hanging in there during this time as I know it is not easy to learn on our own. As shared in the previous lesson, we will no longer be using practice journals but we will be using Flip Grid to give you feedback on your practice. We hope that by sharing our practice with Ms. Lo and each other, we can not only improve but also encourage one another during this time of learning. 

These videos will never be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, or any kind of social media and these videos will no longer be available for anyone to see once the school year ends. Ms. Lo also will not be sharing them with anyone in person so rest assured that your progress is safe!

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