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Grade 4 Online Music Lesson


Assigned Date: 05/19/2020 (National Smile Month)






Our Goal(s): 

  • Explore the online musical games listed on this page

  • Select 4 music games to play on your own and write a brief review for each of the game you play

What We Need:

  • Chromebooks or iPad or any digital device 

  • Speakers

  • Our ears

  • Our minds

Click to Start:


Take some time to explore the online music games on each of the site below and be ready to write a game review for 4 of your favorite games in the music journal!

Dear Children,

Good morning! Welcome to the last music lesson of the year! We will wrap up our celebration of the National Smile Month with a wide selection of online music games!

Your task for the day is to be a music game reviewer by sharing with Ms. Lo about the musical games you've enjoyed playing today in your music journals!

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