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Grade 5 Online Music Lesson


Assigned Date: 05/12/2020 (National Smile Month)






Our Goal(s): 

  • Take a virtual tour of Mexico

  • Learn about the instruments in a Mariachi Band and the differences between Mexican dance costumes​

  • Learn to recognize the sounds of Mariachi music

  • Experience singing a song in the style of Mariachi music

What We Need:

  • Chromebooks or iPad or any digital device 

  • Speakers

  • Our ears

  • Our voices

  • Drawing supplies (optional)

Click to Start:

  • Tour It: 

    • Take a virtual tour of Mexico here!

















  • Learn It: 

    • Mariachi & Folklorico: Celebrating Our Mexican Heritage Through Music and Dance












  • Hear It: 


Take a listen to a quick sample of the Mariachi music here!
















​Take a listen to how Classical musicians worked with Mariachi musicians to create something new!















  • Sing It: ​Un Poco Loco from film COCO.


Vocal version















Vocal with Ukulele chords version (for those who wants to sing while playing their Ukulele)







  • See It:

    • What do the authentic Mexican foods look like? (No offense to Taco Bell at all, we're just learning the differences here)

  • Speak It:

    • Learn how to greet others in Spanish in 3 minutes

  • Draw It: (Optional)

    • ​How to Draw A Mariachi Guitar Player

    • How to Draw a Girl Mexican Folk Dancer

Dear Children,

Good morning! We will continue with our celebration of the National Smile Month with some cheerful and happy sounds of Mexican Mariachi music this week!

Be sure to have your music journal opened on Google Form when you go through the lesson today! I look forward to reading your music journals! 

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