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Grade 1 Online Music Lesson


Assigned Date: 05/12/2020 (National Smile Month)






Our Goal(s): 

  • Take a virtual tour of Mexico

  • Hear what Mexican Mariachi music sounds like

  • Draw a simple sombrero 

  • Sing a part of the song in the style of Mariachi music

  • Learn a simple Mexican Hat Dance

What We Need:

  • Chromebooks or iPad or any digital device 

  • Speakers

  • Our ears

  • Our body

  • Our voices

  • Drawing supplies

Click to Start:

  • SEE IT

    • Take a quick tour of Mexico with us here!


















    • Hear what does a Mariachi band sounds like​

















    • Let's learn how to draw a Mexican Sombrero hat together!
















    • Can you sing the (¡Ay, mi amor! (Mee-ah-moor) part in the song Un Poco Loco ?


    • Let's get up and learn how to do a simple Mexican Hat Dance!

    • *The dance moves are short and simple but there is a different version of the movements for your grade level in the second part of the music. Pay attention when the instructor calls out your grade level in the video and follow along!


    • Let's learn how to draw a Mariachi Guitar Player

    • Let's learn how to draw a Girl Mexican Dancer

















What What Does Ms. Lo Need From You: (PICK ONE) -

  • A short video of you trying out the Mexican Hat Dance

  • A drawing of Sombrero

  • A short video of you trying out the "mee-ah-moor" part of the song, Un poco loco

Dear Children,

Good morning! Welcome to Music Tuesday! We will continue to celebrate the National Smile Month this week with some happy and cheerful sounds from Mexico! Let's go learn about Mexican Mariachi music, the Mexican Hat Dance, and more!

If you are viewing the lesson on this site, please remember to SeeSaw your work to Ms. Lo!

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