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Bellflower Music Class Expectations

Hello there! Thank you for taking a moment to review this section. I hope this section can give you an idea of the framework of what our music class routine looks like. My desk is located in the back of the music room with a little green lamp. Inside my white PLAN BOOK binder, you will find 1) my schedule for the day, 2) rosters, 3) a seating chart with photos, and 4) the Drill Placement for Bellflower Elementary. As a general reminder, please refrain from eating inside the music room due to the number of students who are allergic to various different things.  Please review my schedule for the day, and feel free to use the planning periods to familiarize yourself with the lesson plans and the use of a laptop/iPad.Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at or drop me a note by using the Contact Form (Write a Note to Ms. Lo). 

Music Class Expectations

  • All students are working towards earning 5 points from the moment they enter the classroom to the time they leave. The 5-point categories are: M-be safe, U-be polite, S-be responsible, I-be cooperative, and C-be kind. Please start the lesson with reminding students about they are still earning the 5 MUSIC points even when Ms. Lo is not present. Should there be any behavior issues, please leave the name of the students and the category of points that they missed to me. For example, if Joe is refusing to follow directions throughout the lesson, please write a letter “I” next to Joe’s name and I will follow up upon my return. 

  • No restroom usage during music unless it’s one of the students with a teaching assistant in the classroom. *In general, we do not let students leave the classroom during music as we only see them for a short amount of time each week. Also, there has been quite a few restroom misuse issues. Therefore, in music, we do not send students out to the restroom. Unless it’s an emergency but please use your judgement.

  • We do not and will never physically lay our hands on any students to remove them from our classroom when students’ disruptive behavior interrupts or hinders others’ learning (ex. Laying on the floor to block the exit and refuse to follow directions and move away from the door, will not stop screaming, kicking furniture, etc). We call for TEAM ASSISTANCE IN THE MUSIC ROOM by using the walkie-talkie (Channel 1).

Materials You Will Need

  • A district owned apple laptop with charger

  • You voice ^_^ 

  • The Plan Book for the Day 

       **These are white binders labeled with days of the week and are located inside my desk.

            Please use the binder that matches the day that you are subbing for.

           (Please DO NOT share information from the plan book with students)

  • Turn ON the walkie-talkie by the desk lamp

  • Smartboard remote

  • Connect the speakers to the Smart Board (be sure to enable the output on the laptop)


  • Turn on projector screen with remote

  • Connect your district owned Laptop (near the Smartboard) to two cords: 

    • #2 PROJECTOR

    • #3 SMARTBOARD SPEAKERS. (if you're having trouble with connecting to SmartBoard speakers, consider using the silver speakers located below the SmartBoard).

  • If the sub lesson requires you to use Quaver Music, please ask the Office Secretaries for my log-in info.

    • Open browser and type: QUAVERMUSIC.COM

    • Enter my log-in info.

  • Students enter the music room quietly and go directly to their seats to sit down. There has been quite a few seating chart issues but as of now, we are settled. Please have students sit in the order as listed on my seating chart. Remind them how they can earn their first MUSIC point by showing you how to be seated quietly. 

  • Begin the lesson and please wrap up five minutes before the end of the class to line up students.


  • Please be mindful that your email inbox is not displayed on the SmartBoard as children can easily be distracted. 

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